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Unique Gift Shop

PRODUCT: Wooden Cutting Board & Wooden Star Ornament

OWNER: Margaret Hsia & the Wu Family

Steve Wu is a carpenter originally from Taiwan, who does beautiful woodwork and art with a large variety of Belizean woods. Furniture, gifts crafts are all apart of his products. His woodworks can be found in the Unique Gift Shop and the Made in Belize shop at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. The woodwork could also be found at the Unique Restaurant located in Camalote Village, Cayo District. This family business has been going for 25 years and counting. 

Terrill's Wood Carvings

PRODUCT: Wooden Candle Holder

OWNER: Nelly and Terrill

Terrill Hemsley is a Belizean artisan who has been carving wooden items for decades. The business is currently being managed by his wife, Nelly Sanker, who he met over fifteen years ago. Together the two have accomplished many goals, not only in their business, but with family life as well. The business is located on the popular tourist destination island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, but they live in a small area called Rockstone Pond. They have 3 beautiful children, a pair 13-year-old twins and a 4-year-old baby, who help them with the business on their free days. They assist with few of the many steps it takes for them to turn a piece of wood into the lovely carving that you receive. This talented family creates all designs of carvings, ranging from cutting boards to elaborate pieces of art.

Andrea Rodriguez

PRODUCT: Kriol Calendar

OWNER: Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez grew up in Bermudian Landing Village in the Belize District, then later relocated to Belmopan, where she is currently raising her family alongside her husband of 18 years. As a creative person, she is passionate about creating products featuring the ‘Bileez Kriol’ language. Her kalindas (calendars) for 2022 features kriol proverbs collected from many of the villages in the Belize River Valley. Andrea is also a blogger, author, speaker, and talk show host and spends her free time creating products and content featuring Bileez Kriol.


PRODUCT: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

OWNER: Juan and Abelina Cho

Juan and Abelina Cho, along with their two children Henry and Lucrsha, have been working in their cacao business since the year 2000. Juan and Abelina were both cacao farmers and decided to invest into the chocolate business starting with no money. They used the traditional form of making chocolate with the stone grinder to start their business. Today, they have the capacity to produce 150lbs per day. The business is located in San Felipe Village in the Toledo District of Belize. Visit them and try all their amazing cacao products on your visit to Belize!

Moho Chocolate

PRODUCT: Dark Chocolate

OWNER: Deon Chavarria

Moho Chocolate is a tree to bar chocolate company, selling chocolate made from cacao grown on our own farm in the Toledo District of Belize. They ferment and dry their beans in small batches and continue the process with small-batch roasting, grinding, and refining into the chocolate you know and love. Their dark chocolate is made from two ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar. It doesn’t get much purer than that!

The Moho Chocolate Factory and Cafe is located in the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City and offers tours and ‘make your own bar’ workshop for tourists.

Dih Fudge Maykah


OWNER: Mia Pinelo

At the young age of 16 and 15, my sister Joneli and I began making fudge in our kitchen on Sunday evenings, using the family recipe which was passed down from our Great Grandmother. It was a hit from the start! As school began to take top priority for my sister, she left the business in my care. That’s when I took over and began implementing my marketing and entrepreneurial skills, growing the fudge family business further. I began offering it to people who travelled and wanted to take for their families in other countries. Originally named Sweet Treats By Mia, we are now known as “Dih Fudge Maykah”, a name given to me by my lovely customers. Today our fudge sells in our family business the Caladium, Restaurant in Belmopan, and is now becoming internationally recognized; traveling to countries like Taiwan, London and America. My hope is that people around the world will be able to experience the authentic Belizean Fudge and they will experience a taste of Belize. 

Fuego Gourmet Sauce

PRODUCT: Hot Pepper Sauce

FUEGO GOURMET SAUCE is a hot pepper sauce that is locally made in the beautiful town of Santa Elena, Cayo District, Belize with farm fresh ingredients that delivers a flavorful taste. The business was created in December 2020 and was formally registered in February 2021. It is owned and managed by Tracie Nicole Donis (founder) who started making small batches of pepper sauce for her family. The taste was very unique and hot and everyone loved it. The business has a team of two persons who ensures that all products are properly processed, bottled, packaged and labelled using Standard Operating Procedures. Fuego Gourmet Sauce aims to provide consumers with the best quality handcrafted hot sauce that is unique, tasty and flavorful. It is a blend of roasted habanero and farm fresh ingredients that delivers a flavorful profile unprecedented to hot sauce. Yucatan Style Roasted Habanero brings a NEW way to enhance and LEVEL-UP your dish.

Amarabi Seasonings

PRODUCT: Belizean Seasoning

OWNER: Laura Raymond

At the age of 24, Mrs. Laura Raymond started off in the banking industry. Upon her first pregnancy Mrs. Laura Raymond decided to venture into becoming an Entrepreneur in Belize by producing quality local products of which the country can be proud of. In 2004 Mrs. Laura Raymond introduced the famous Amarabi Marinade, with tagline, “Dis da fi we thing”. Amarabi marinade is made with freshly picked herbs and spices that can be found across the country of Belize. These are blended together to create a true taste of Belizean flavors. Amarabi Seasonings is FREE OF MSG, 100% natural, and ready to apply to poultry, veggies, beef, pork, sea-foods and many other foods!

Village Farm Organic Homestead

PRODUCT: Cocoa Powder

OWNER: Lyra Vega

Meet Village Farm Organic Homestead. Nestled into the jungle coastline of Belize’s most remote Toledo District, in the heart of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Our off-grid, off-road property is only accessible by boat. Disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself through food and nature during our immersive, challenging and unforgettable 3 day workshops. This experience is intensive, immersive, mind-expanding and not for the faint of heart. Expect to get your hands dirty. Our unique property is a working organic tropical permaculture farm founded in 1971 and located in a protected marine reserve. What we offer is an unprecedented all senses farm and jungle-to-table experience in a unique place.

Little Farmhouse Soap

PRODUCT: Merry Mint Soap

OWNER: Anna Stoyshich

Hi guys! My name is Anna Stoyshich and I’m the owner and crafter of the natural handmade soaps at Little Farmhouse Soap. My journey began when I started making my own household and personal products to build a healthier and more natural lifestyle for me and my family. Starting with small DIY projects, I evolved to hand pouring natural soap and fell in love with it. I enjoy creating colourfully fun and pleasantly scented soaps while providing a natural product that leaves your skin nourished and moisturized. I’m also proud to be able to incorporate fruits, herbs and greens all handpicked from my family’s farm. My soaps cater to all skin types and eco-friendly earth lovers. Every bar you receive has been hand cut and minimally packaged to reduce waste. I try to use as little plastic as possible (because global warming and all). At the farmhouse, you will find a variety of hand, body and facial soaps making it easy for you to choose what goes on and into your skin.

Parkie's Creations

PRODUCT: Face Scrubby

OWNER: Desiree Parkinson

Hello Everyone!! My name is Desiree from Parkie’s Creation. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and have a supportive and loving husband. I learned to crochet in high school and picked it up really quickly but left it for years. 3 years ago, I started up again just as a hobby as I was a tour guide. When the pandemic hit I lost my job and decided to turn to my other skill, crochet!! I spent time researching and learning all I can do and decided, with the encouragement of my husband and close friends, to start up a small business. It was very daunting at first because there are very talented crochet artisans in Belize. Also, it’s very expensive to get the supplies needed because of the low demand of yarn. With this in mind, I decided to think outside of the box and besides using yarn, I used recycled clothing and cut into strips to make rugs and other useful items to sell at a reasonable cost. My motto is “something is better than nothing” or “do the best with what you have”. It has been a year into starting this small business and it comes with its challenges but also many joys. I love what I do. It gives me a chance to be at home with my family, opens up my creativity, and gives me an opportunity to keep waste down and recycle. If people look around there is a lot we can reuse!! No need to always throw away and this is what I want to bring to my customers. I appreciate Goodies from Belize for giving me this opportunity to give you a product that is made with LOTS OF LOVE. 

Flayva's Fresh Roasted Coffee

PRODUCT: Ground Coffee

OWNER: Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas has been mastering roasting coffee for more than 12 years. The coffee beans used for this product comes from the fertile volcanic soils in Antigua, Guatemala, Belize’s neighboring country. The beans are handpicked by the local farmers and then used to create this rich and delicious coffee. Mark loves working in the coffee business and it has become a staple in his life. He enjoys sharing his Belizean made freshly coffee goodness with his family and customers.

Nice Snacks

PRODUCT: Plantain Chips

ARTISTS: Emanuel & Vivianna Salazar

Coming Soon