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Frank Tzib - Maya Artist

PRODUCT: Maya Clay Mug


Cotton Tree Chocolate

PRODUCT: Dark Chocolate

Cotton Tree Chocolate is a unique small-batch bean to bar chocolate company located in Putna Gorda, Belize. More than just single origin, each batch of Cotton Tree Chocolate starts with cocoa beans from a single day’s harvest from a single farmer. We work with local farmers towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We exclusively use cocoa beans grown by our location in Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District of southern Belize.

Lamanai Chocolate

PRODUCT: Cocoa Nibs

OWNER: Zoila and Roger Hale

In 2013 Zoila and Roger Hale had a dream of starting a chocolate company. They were unsure of the concept or even where to start but began doing research in the beautiful country of Belize. They visited the beautiful cacao farms in the rainforest and were so mesmerized at the sight, which pulled them deeper into the dream of having a 100% organic all-natural chocolate and cacao product company. They started developing relationships with the local cocoa farmers who graciously opened their homes. They decided to use exclusively Maya workers and process as much as possible by hand. After all, it’s the Mayas who are known for chocolate and have passed down the art of chocolate making over thousands of years. Their goal is to teach people how to make their own high quality chocolate from the hand roasted organic fair trade cacao nibs.

Moho Chocolate

PRODUCT: Dark Chocolate

OWNER: Deon Chavarria

Moho Chocolate is a tree to bar chocolate company, selling chocolate made from cacao grown on our own farm in the Toledo District of Belize. They ferment and dry their beans in small batches and continue the process with small-batch roasting, grinding, and refining into the chocolate you know and love. Their dark chocolate is made from two ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar. It doesn’t get much purer than that!

The Moho Chocolate Factory and Cafe is located in the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City and offers tours and ‘make your own bar’ workshop for tourists.

OXMUL Coffee

PRODUCT: Whole Coffee Beans

OWNER: James Mesh

Organically grown on the foothills of the Maya Mountain Range in western Belize in the village of San Antonio, Cayo District. Oxmul Coffee derived from the original name of San Antonio in Yucatec Maya known as Oxmul Kah. James Mesh and family Maya Descendants who still speak the Yucatec Maya language decided to name their coffee brand Oxmul Coffee as to keep the original name of San Antonio for Generations to come and to produce organically Grown Coffee.

Lemon Crush Belize

PRODUCT: Body Whip

OWNER: Lara Goldman of 12 Belize

Feed Your Skin Body Whip is made using only eco-friendly soy, Belizean cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil, with a drop of scent and color. Available in 12 scents. (Unscented and Belizean Chocolate are 100% natural). This lotion was developed in response to it’s creators’ crazy heat rash. Nothing worked to heal her rash – not medicine men nor pharmaceuticals – and she was scratching until she bled, and often got infected. Long story short, Feed Your Skin was born. It is a top seller and is reordered by nearly all who use it. It’s a fantastic itch relief, helps with sunburned skin, and is a fantastic daily moisturizing lotion. As the creator says “If your skin is angry at you for any reason, this will make it significantly less angry”.

Freedom House Rehabilitation Center

PRODUCT: Wooden Butterfly Keychain

Artist: Elijah

Freedom House is in Roaring Creek in the Cayo District of Belize. It is a place where ex-felons and those with addiction issues can find healing and hope. It is a program that assist individuals with their re-entry into society following incarceration or substance abuse. To cover expences of the center, the residents create art, paint signs, and do construction projects. The keychains were created by Elijah is a long time resident of the center who now mentors others, help run operations, and create paintings and art.

Mullins Creek Ginger

PRODUCT: Crystalized Ginger

OWNER: Sharon Pollard

Coming soon

Granny Ivy's Herbal Soaps

PRODUCT: Honey Oatmeal Soap

OWNER: Rose Parks

At Granny Ivy’s Herbal Soaps they are committed to making and supplying 100% Handmade, All Natural, Plant based cold process soaps that are known to have many benefits for skin. They produce many different types of natural soaps that all have their own caring properties to help your skin flourish, such as hibiscus, neem, charcoal, and cinnamon, just to name a few. Being inspired by her mom, Rose started this small business in 2020 from the knowledge she had gained about herbs and how they can be used for healing and skincare. This business is located in Dangriga, Belize, where we make and market our handmade and nicely crafted soaps.


PRODUCT: Hot Pepper Sauce

Coming soon

Nature's Homemade Belize

PRODUCT: Mango Jam

OWNER: Christian Windsor

Nature’s Homemade Belize was created purely from the joys of preserving fruits and then being able to enjoy them all year round. Christian Windsor, the creator and founder, due to living in the country side of San Ignacio has always enjoyed the outdoors and her kitchen. Picking fresh fruits, converting them into special treats, and sharing with family and friends has always given her so much pride and joy. Having a family of great cooks, (mother and several aunts) she easily became fascinated with cooking as an art! Now with a decade experience and the confidence in making jams and jellies, Nature’s Homemade was born! During the pandemic of 2020, realizing how important preservation of food was, and how it helped to motivate others in creating their own identity, Christian decided to start her small business! It has been a true delight to many who have tasted these delicious preserves and it is the constant support of her clients that have helped this small business steadily grow. Nature’s Homemade now has over 20 flavors of and the diversity keeps growing! As there are dreams and goals on the horizon, Nature’s Homemade is truly hoping to grow into something better for Belize!

Kruffy Chicken

PRODUCT: Island Gyal Spice

OWNER: Kieron Lennan

Kruffy Chicken is an artisan meat company in Belize, offering a wholesome, easy-to-prepare, and delicious meat option for you and your family. We sell many different types of seasonings and also pre-seasoned meats. This business idea came about after realizing that in many Belizean households, both parents are either busy or away from home for most of the day, so having pre-seasoned and ready to prepare meats would be a much easier option. Growing up, we were taught not to litter and keep our environment healthy, which is why all of our packaging for our products are ecofriendly and our chickens are raised locally by us. We encourage Belizeans to start supporting local business, farmers, markets, fishermen, makers, and packaging solutions that share your values and care for BELIZE, and in the process we can create a better tomorrow, together.

Farah's Feminine Fashions

PRODUCT: Reusable Bag

OWNER: Farah Diva Ken

I live in Belmopan City and sewing has been my passion since I was a teenager. Now I made it my responsibility to study and learn the trade. Approximately after 16 years of working as a Customer Service representative at the Belize Telecommunications Company, sewing was still my favorite hobby. After retirement, I decided to teach sewing at the YWCA in Belmopan, but unfortunately COVID19 sent me home. From there, I decided to keep more busy than ever sewing MASKS! Masks became a high demand so I worked day and night producing masks of different designs , keeping in mind that I must make them safe for protection so I added the designed fabric in front, the filter inside and cotton fabric to touch your skin. Now I have decided to produce other sewing projects such as bags, totes, wristlets, pouches, masks, crossbags, scrunchies, headbands and any other project that can be done with a sewing machine and fabric. Also. I work hard to ensure that all my products are Eco friendly.

Oscar's Pepitos

PRODUCT: Pepitos (roast pumpkin seeds)

OWNER: Oscar Barrera

Oscar Barrera is from the Orange Walk Town District Belize. He grew up selling pepitos (pumpkin seeds) from the age of eight to twenty-one. He then traveled to the US back and forth for seven years. Twelve years ago, he decided to venture into his pepitos business again and to his surprise, it went well. He then decided to invest time, care, and love into his product to make sure that his customers receive a fresh, clean, and tasty product. After getting the raw product from our local farmers, he makes sure it’s all handpicked and washed before going into the roasting machines that he designed. Oscar’s product now sells throughout the entire Country of Belize including The Cayes… “God has been Faithful to me, my family, and business. Thank You for your patronage.” – Oscar

Nice Snacks

PRODUCT: Plantain Chips

OWNER: Emanuel & Vivianna Salazar

Coming soon